Field Trips
Our field trips help educators enhance their classroom lessons through hands-on exploration and activities not easily replicated in a classroom!
Field Trips
Our field trips help educators enhance their classroom lessons through hands-on exploration and activities not easily replicated in a classroom!
Field Trips
Our field trips help educators enhance their classroom lessons through hands-on exploration and activities not easily replicated in a classroom!

What happens on our field trips?

Students will experience the outdoors through new lenses and they explore the outdoor world with STEM, Challenges, and Outdoor Recreation. Educators have the option of choosing to focus on STEM, Outdoor Recreation Fun, or Teambuilding Challenges. Our field trips include:

  • Outdoor Educators to guide, facilitate, and support your students at each station. 
  • 3-5 Stations of your choice for students to explore, experiment, and create
  • Free bus parking
  • Lunch breaks and spaces included (Food service not provided – schools should plan to bring their own lunches)

Our Program Guide is now Available!

Learn more about how you can explore with us in 2023. 

Program Categories

How can you explore with us? We have lessons and activities for all. When you book with us you can choose a topic to focus on or mix and match, the choice is yours. Don’t see something you’d love to do? Just ask.

STEM & Outdoor Learning

Observe, identify, explore, and discover diverse ecosystems, habitats, adaptations, and more while exploring Pennsylvania’s forests. The outdoors offer unique opportunities and benefits that can’t always be replicated in the classroom.

Topics To Explore

Students can explore a range of classroom concepts with us. This is not an exhaustive list but a snapshot of some of the main themes students can explore. 

Mix, Pour, stir, and more to create wild chemical reactions. 

Unlock the wonders of Earth or blast off into outer space with our planeterium.

Practice the skills of an ecologist, discover the organisms that call this landscape home and learn how they interact and adapt to their changing environment.

You’re students could use our growing library of tech tools to learn the basics of coding or learn how to design in 3-D. 

3-D Printing:

3D printing offers students the ability to experience their projects from the model stage to actual creation of the model. This creates both excitement and a better understanding of the design process as they gain hands-on experience it from conception to creation.


Ozobots are little robots that are designed as an introduction to coding. These little robots can be used to teach students about robotics, coding, and math.

Catapults, paper circuits, sound science and more, explore the world of physics through our experiments, projects, and challenges. 

Outdoor Adventure

Our recreational activities are fun but also provide life lessons on safety, leadership, communication and more! We believe that students can have fun, while also developing life, career, and social skills. 

Recreation With Purpose

Here are just some of the many outdoor adventure activities students can experience when visiting the Outdoor Adventure Lab. 

Our archery range is always run by certified archery instructors.

Here students learn the importance of safety, develop patience, focus, and more.

Students will learn how to use GPS devices to navigate our closed geocaching course. This allows students to develop problem solving, and collaborative skills.

This game has become a favorite with kids. It’s a great way for kids to have fun, but also allows opportunities to foster good sportsmanship, honesty, and character.

Team Building Challenges

Our challenges are unique workshop style activities that allow students to investigate, explore, and problem solve. These challenges, will give students the opportunity to strengthen their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills with games, activities, puzzles, and more! Challenges can also focus on an academic topic or subject area.

Teambuilding Skills

Here are just some of the skills students can practice when visiting the Outdoor Adventure Lab. 

Do things ever feel like their lost in translation with your students? We’ll work with them through challenges that will get them using verbal and non-verbal communication skills to work towards a common goal. We’ll encourage them to work together, discuss strategies, and process failures. 

Everyone’s had a curveball thrown at them in life. Make sure your students are prepared for sudden changes by helping them solve problems that evolve throughout our challenges. 

No one likes to fail or struggle, but sometimes to move forward we must learn from our mistakes. We’ll work with students to help them adapt and learn from failure to work their way to success in our challenges. 

Give your students a chance to practice their leadership skills as they work toward common goals and learn how to manage, mediate, and work together to get through our challenges. 

How do I book my trip?

The Process is Easy


Tell us about Your Trip

We currently have three categories of activities STEM, outdoor adventure, and team building. You can choose to have activities be all in one category or do them all! To get started, you can fill out our interest form or contact us with questions. 


Plan you Trip

Once you’ve reached out we’ll set up a call to discuss your trip. We’ll review program options, your needs, timing, and your budget. We’ll set follow-up calls as needed. 


Book with Us

Once we’ve designed your trip and we’ve aligned and finalized all the details we’ll add your trip to our calendar. 

You ask, we answer

Have a question not answered here? Contact us and we’ll be sure to respond!

Once on site our educators will provide your group with a brief introduction. Each trip will have 3-5 activity stations. If needed, we’ll provide a lunch break from students to eat. Typically students will travel with their classroom teacher, but we may ask that groups break up differently depending on class sizes. Students will then rotate to each station where one of our educators will facilitate the activity, workshop, or demonstration. Once you’ve rotated through all the stations, we’ll say goodbye and you’ll head back home with new some memories.

At the latest you should plan to start discussing your trip with us at three weeks before you trip to give us plenty of time to iron out your trip plan and details.

$35 per student. Teachers are always free and we allow one free chaperone for every 10 children. Although our prices are set we’re willing to work within your budget and discounts are available for certain circumstances. 

We’ll establish a rain date with you before you trip occurs. If the trip needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather, or other circumstances we’ll call you and plan for you to come on your rain date. 

Field Trip Inquiry

Please fill out the form below with your trip information. You may also use this form to submit questions regarding programs that are currently offered.

Contact Us

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