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We connect people of all ages with nature, science, and technology through engaging, educational and fun activities! Harness the power of nature to build character, confidence, and lasting memories when you join us on your next outdoor adventure!
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About Us
The Outdoor Adventure Lab is a subsidiary of the Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA with the goal of harnessing the benefits of the outdoor education to provide programs that allow youth and adults to develop character, leadership, and confidence.

Our mission is to provide safe, transformative experiences for youth and adults that support lifelong learning, fitness, character, and leadership development through outdoor learning. 

To provide opportunities for everyone to develop confidence, resilience, and compassion for themselves, others, and our planet.

  1. Provide youth with opportunities to achieve academic success, especially in STEM, through outdoor education and programming aligned with Pennsylvania standards.
  2. Provide opportunities for youth and adults to develop character, leadership, and collaboration skills through outdoor recreation programming.

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